July 7, 2021

REANA 0.7.4 is released

We are glad to announce the release of REANA 0.7.4, a minor update allowing users and cluster administrators to specify memory limits for workflow jobs running on the Kubernetes compute backend platform. The release also improves the REANA client functionality for workflow parameter validation and contains other minor improvements and bug fixes.

What’s new?

Custom memory limits for Kubernetes compute backend jobs

REANA 0.7.4 enables users to set custom memory limits for their workflow jobs by specifying kubernetes_memory_limit in the resource clause specification of each workflow step. The section below will show examples for Serial, Yadage and CWL workflow engines.

Why is this important? If you launch many workflows, the jobs “compete” against each other for available cluster resources, as it were. If you declare that a certain job is light regarding memory requirements, say 2 GiB, and the cluster has 40 GiB of free resources, the system would be able to schedule 20 such jobs in parallel. Setting the memory limit values will therefore provide a hint for the REANA system as to how many user workflows can be scheduled in order to arrive at your results faster.

Please note that if your job unexpectedly consumes more memory than declared, the job may be killed by the Kubernetes compute backend platform. This will be indicated by the out-of-memory killed message in the workflow logs (OOMKilled). In order to avoid these problems, please specify neither too low nor too high a limit, so that the jobs can be efficiently scheduled.

If you don’t specify any custom memory limit value for some workflow step, then the REANA cluster will assume a certain default value that was set by the cluster administrator upon deployment. (Please see below.)

Example of custom memory limits for Serial workflows

The kubernetes_memory_limit for Serial workflow jobs can be set for each workflow step next to specifying compute backend environment. Note that various workflow steps may want to use different values, with heavy jobs consuming more memory than lighter jobs. For example:

    - name: gendata
      environment: 'reanahub/reana-env-root6:6.18.04'
      compute_backend: kubernetes
+     kubernetes_memory_limit: '8Gi'
      - mkdir -p results && root -b -q 'code/gendata.C(${events},"${data}")'
    - name: fitdata
      environment: 'reanahub/reana-env-root6:6.18.04'
      compute_backend: kubernetes
+     kubernetes_memory_limit: '4Gi'
      - root -b -q 'code/fitdata.C("${data}","${plot}")'

Example of custom memory limits for Yadage workflows

The kubernetes_memory_limit values for Yadage jobs can be specified under resources clause that specifies compute environment for each step:

    - name: gendata
      dependencies: [init]
        scheduler_type: 'singlestep-stage'
          events: {step: init, output: events}
          gendata: {step: init, output: gendata}
          outfilename: '{workdir}/data.root'
            process_type: 'interpolated-script-cmd'
            script: root -b -q '{gendata}({events},"{outfilename}")'
            publisher_type: 'frompar-pub'
              data: outfilename
            environment_type: 'docker-encapsulated'
            image: 'reanahub/reana-env-root6'
            imagetag: '6.18.04'
              - compute_backend: kubernetes
+             - kubernetes_memory_limit: '8Gi'

Example of custom memory limits for CWL workflows

The kubernetes_memory_limit values for CWL jobs can be specified as a workflow hint under the hints clause:

      run: gendata.cwl
        gendata_tool: gendata_tool
        events: events
          compute_backend: kubernetes
+         kubernetes_memory_limit: '8Gi'
      out: [data]

Cluster-wide defaults

REANA cluster administrators can configure the default memory limit for user job containers by setting kubernetes_jobs_memory_limit Helm value to the desired value such as “8Gi”. Please note that the best value to use would depend both on the typical user workflows and on the parameters of the cluster nodes, most notably the available memory on the nodes. Typically a few GiBs should be left reserved for the Kubernetes system, so for the cluster nodes of 16 GiB the maximum limit should be around 12 GiB.

REANA cluster administrators can also set the maximum custom memory limit value that users would be able to ask for in their custom job resource clauses. The value could be changed via kubernetes_jobs_max_user_memory_limit Helm value during cluster deployment. If a user asks for more memory, the workflow would not be started and an error will be signaled to the user.

Please refer to the official Kubernetes documentation to know more about the container memory limits and the expected value format.

Further improvements and bug fixes

REANA 0.7.4 command-line client introduces support for wildcard matching of files for ls and download commands. This brings useful file name filtering capabilities for workspaces which might contain many thousands of files. The release also improved workflow validation of input parameters and environment images for the validate command that was introduced previously in REANA 0.7.3.

REANA 0.7.4 fixes several minor issues such as problems with CWL workflows on HTCondor compute backend due to wrong job command encoding. Please see full release notes for more information.


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